Nancy Miller

By wjeffbishop • • 2 Nov 2018

The United States  To Nancy Miller of the Cherokee Nation East before Oo yoo ge lo gee- Head waters of Coosa River Chicamauga District Walker County State of Georgia, Emigrated to this country in George Hicks’s (?) Detachment present residence near to Stephen Hildebrand on the Waters of Bayou named,

                Spoliation occasioned by citizens of the United States of the state of Georgia 1837.

To 1 poney horse 5 years old stolen in the year 1837 by a citizen on Georgia taken of the same name not known, worth $80.00                                      —                                                                           $[80].00

                1 Boy mare 3 years old stolen at the same time by the same person          $70.00

1838;     8 cows and calves at 15$ pr. (illegible)—1.20 (illegible) —                                                $120.00

                4 cows at 12$ pr. head $48.00                                     —                                             $48.00

                3 horses 3 years old—12$ pr. head $36.00                                                             $36.00

                1 Bull 3 years old $10.00, 7 head of 1 year olds at 5$                                         $45.00

                12 lbs of Iron, $1.50,1 small pot 50 cts    $2.00                                                     $2.00


                                                                                                                                Total $                  401.00

Personally came before us Nancy Miller and after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that some time in the year above named several white families living in the neighborhood, who took the cattle forcibly others were taken out of the range and killed them for beef otherwise disposed of them other for stock cattle or Beef to their neighborhood also citizens of the U.S,- (illegible) that the horse named above was taken out of their range, the (illegible) and (illegible) Cherokees by in possession of a white person afore(illegible) as they the Cherokee had no access to the land of the state in consequence of that no Cherokee Testimony would be taken against any citizen of the U.S, that the foregoing statement of claim is just & true

Sworn to subscribed before us

J.D. Wofford                       Special clerks to                                                Nancy Miller her x mark

D. Carter                              collect Cherokee Claims

Tahlequah District Cherokee Nation

March 17th 1842

Personally came before us John & Jossee Potts and after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that they were living near neighbours to Nancy Miller near Oo yoo ge lo gee, and personally knowing to the property to them as states above tho they cannot call their names yet they know them, saw said property in their possession & believe further that the account is just & true to the best of their knowledge

Sworn to subscribed before us                                                   John his x mark

J.D. Wofford                                                                                       Jossee Potts his x mark

D. Carter              Tahlequah District Cher. Nation March 17th 1862