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The United States To Sah, lah, dah, of the Cherokee Nation East Coh, te, kay, ye Georgia emigrated to this in Woffords Detachment present residence near to Rich’d Wilkinson in going Snake District Cherokee Nation

Spoliation claim occasioned by the Troops of the United States commanded by Gen’l Scott

1838 12 head of Grown Hogs at 7$ pr. head                                         $147.00

                3 farrow Hogs at 8$ pr. Head 24.00                                           24.00

                rent of 1 field from 1836 to 1838 Inclusives 5$pr.               120.00



Personally came before us Sah lah dah and after being duely sworn deposeth & saith that her spoliation claim as made is just & true to the best of her knowledge

Sworn to & subscribed us

David Carter       Clks

J.D.Wofford                                                       Salada her x mark

Tahlequah District Cherokee Nation       

March 15th 1841

Personally came before us Jack Walking Stick & Gah, no, ske, ske—and after being duely sworn deposeth & saith that they lived neighbours to Sahladah and was acquainted with the property named in the foregoing statement of claim and that the disposition has been made by her of afore said property nor has she ever been paid as they ever heard or know of by any person whatsoever

Sworn to & subscribed us

David Carter                      

J.D.Wofford                       Clks                                        Jack Walking Stick his x mark

Tahlequah District Cherokee Nation                        Gah, no, ske, ske his x mark

March 16th 1842