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The United States

Gah, lo, nus, kee of the Cherokee Nation East and of the District of Amohee,
wah, ki, ah village present residence near park Hill Tahlequah District
Cherokee Nation for the following property and improvements which she was
compelled to leave by the apportion(?) of troops of the United States under the
command of Major Gen’l Scott in the year of 1838

To 8 acres in corn                                                             $120.00

Peach orchard of 20 trees                                            20.00

A farm of 25 acres not valued by the U Agent      250.00

A dwelling house double logs                                      50.00

20 chickens                                                                         2.00

1 cow of calf                                                                       15.00

16 Ducks                                                                              4.00

1 Iron kettle                                                                       5.00

1 Bake Kettle                                                                     3.00

1 dinner pot                                                                       2.00

1 large & 1 small wheel                                                 6.00

1 Reel                                                                                   3.00

1 loom                                                                                  10.00

1 par(?) of Cards                                                               1.00

10 Bushels of Corn                                                           10.00

2 setts of plates                                                                2.00

1 water pail                                                                         1.00

3 Keelers(?)                                                                        1.50

1 weavers Reed                                                                1.00

25 lbs cotton                                                                      6


1837 1 horse                                                      $100.00

1838 1 horse

Amount $612.75

appeared before us Pigeon in Water & Gah, lo, nos, hes, koo and after being
duly sworn deposeth and saith on oath that the above account made out is just
and true to best of their knowledge and belief, and that the claimant has never
been compensated for the losses she sustained in consequence as afore said from
the united states or from any other source whatever

Sworn to & subscribed before us

7th March 1838                                                                                  Pidgeon
in Water his x mark

D Carter                                                                                               Gah,
lo, noo, hes, koo his x mark

J. D. Wofford                      Clks

The United States

Gah, lo, nus, kee of Amohee District in Wah, Kiah village Cherokee Nation East,
present residence new Park Hills Tahlequah Cherokee Nation West for 1 horse
taken or stolen by the citizens of the United States some time in the year of
1834 and after every (illegible) she was unable to regain said horse or the
value thereof. Also one other horse which ran off from her when in (illegible)
at the (illegible) Cherokee Nation East and after making all the searching in
her power after said horse she has not been able to procure said horse of value
before she was compelled to emigrate to this country

Sworn to & subscribed before us

7th March 1842

J.D Wofford                                        Gah,
lo, nee, kee her x mark

D. Carter

came before us Pidgeon in Water & Gah, lo, noo, he, kee and after being
duly sworn deposes and saith on oath that the above account against the United
States is just & true to the best of their knowledge & belief as they
lived near neighbours to said Gah, lo, nus, kee & was personally knowing to
the facts here on contained

Sworn to and subscribed before us

7th March 1842

J.D Wofford                                                        Pidgeon
in Water his x mark

D. Carter                                                              Gah,
lo, noo, hes, kee x mark

Gah lo nus kee Act

No. 88