Samuel Dick

By wjeffbishop • • 26 Oct 2018

The United States

                The Samuel Dick, a native Cherokee For property abandoned in the Eastern Nation, by being taken from him by citizens of the U. States, in the year 1836—Emigrated in 1838 in Richard Taylor’s Detachment by land—present residence on the Illinois River, near John Looney’s Tahlequah District—

                To 2 cows & claves 15$ each-1 oxen 30$                                $60.00

                “1 plough 3. –1 sett gears 1.50                                                   4.50

                “1 Feather Bed 12$–1 Trunk 3.50                                              15.50

                “1 Field of cleared land consisting of 3 acres

under good fence, not valued, disposed by citizens

of the U. States two years previous to removal                   $60.00


                                                                                Whole amt.        $140.00

Personally came before us, Samuel Dick, a native Cherokee, & claimant of the above spoliation account & states on oath That all of the above named property he was dispossessed of by white people citizens of the U. States, at the time & place above named & that he has never received any consideration for the same of the U. States or any other source whatever

Sworn $ subscribed to before us

This 1st day of [April] 1842                             Samuel his x mark Dick

D. Carter & J.D Wofford

Special Clerks for making out

 Claims for Tahlequah District  

Personally came before us, Ally Badgers brother(?) a native Cherokee & witness to the above & states on oath That she was acquainted with the said Samuel Dick in the Eastern Nation & knowing to his being dispossessed by white people citizens of the U. States of the above property at the time & manner above stated

Sworn & subscribed to before us                               This 1st April 1842

D. Carter & J.D Wofford                                                Ally her x mark Badger Brother(?)

Special Clerks for making claims

 For Tahlequah Dist.