Brice Martin

By wjeffbishop • • 8 May 2013

No. 72

The United States

Brice Martin

For the rent of 50 acres of land

for 2 years @ $3 per acre $300

1125 Bushels corn @ $1.00   1125  $1425.

The claimant in this case states (on oath) that he was ejected from his place by one Berry Atkinson in the fall of 1835 in pursuance of an act of the Legislature of the State of Georgia, making it lawful for its citizens to remove the Cherokees from the Georgia lands who had become reservees under former Treaties, and as this act extended to their descendants, the claimant was dispossessed, his Father having been a reservee under the Treaty of Calhoun. The corn charged in this account was taken from him by the said Atkinson, on the ground that the crop was made after the passage of the act above named.

Sworn to 16th March 1842

J. Mulkey clk.

Brice Martin



The witness in this case is the mother of the claimant and lived near the place named in the account. She states that it is true that the claimant lost the use of said place for the term of two years and that the said Atkinson did take the corn charged in the account from the claimant.

Sworn to 16th March 1842

J. Mulkey, clk

Elen (x) Martin

her mark

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