Chinasah (Heirs)

By wjeffbishop • • 29 Nov 2018

The United States

                To the Heirs of Chi na sah, deceased, a native Cherokee for property abandoned in the Eastern Nation, on Peavine Creek, near Capt. Brown’s walker County Georgia—Emigrated in R-Taylor’s Detachment in 1838—Present Residence on the Waters of the Illinois River—Tahlequah District

To 3300 new Rails, ready to lay up round a pierce (illegible)

cleared consisting of 4 acres not valued                                                 32.00

“ 6 acres of growing  crop (corn)                                                                30.00

“ 1 ½ acres in sweet potatoes 35,,–1 patch grown (illegible)          45.00

“ 1 Horse 70,,–12 Head Hogs (Large) 50                                                  60.00

“ 5 Head of Goats 15,,–30 Do. sheep 9,,                                                 24.00

“ 1 Framed Loom 10,,–1 sett Harness & 2 Reids 3,,                            13.00


                                                                                Total amt.                           $204.00

Personally came before us, Oo wo sotty & V wo tee native Cherokees, & witnessed to the above account & state on oath That they were personally acquainted with the said Che ne sah in the Eastern Nation & that they are knowing to her leaving the above named property in consequence of the military power of the U. States—& that nothing has been paid by the U. States or any other source for said abandoned property—

Sworn & subscribed to before us

This 19th day of April 1842                             Oo wo sotty his x mark

D. Carter & J.D. Wofford                               V wo tee her x mark

Special clerks for making out

claims for Tahlequah District