Charles Melton (Treaty of 1817)

By wjeffbishop • • 28 Nov 2018

The United States Dr.

                To Charles Melton, a native Cherokee, for property abandoned in the East (illegible) after the Treaty of 1817 between the U. States & the Cherokee Nation, some abandoned since the year 1838—

Emigrated in John Benge’s Detachment—Present residence near Bark Hill in Tahlequah District—

To 2 Horses taken by white people citizens of the U. States

about the year 1818—from his residence upon the north

side of Tennessee River Jackson County [Ga] worth                                                          $150.00

“ 1 Rifle Gun 25.–$ 124. Cash taken at the same time                                                       149.00

To property abandoned at his removal West in the year 1838—

“ 60 acres in growing corn                                                                                                            300.00

“ 70 Bushels old corn in the crib                                                                                                 35.00

“ 500 Bundles Fodder                                                                                                                     7.50

“ 2 Large ovens 6.—4 mattocks 8.                                                                                              14.00

“ 2 ploughs including gears, double trees $6                                                                         20.00

“ 6 weeding hoes 6.—30 chickens 7.50                                                                                    13.50

“ 1 man saddle 25.—1 Loom, including riging 12.                                                                                37.00

“ 3 spinning wheels 9.—3 pr. cotton cards 3.                                                                        12.00


                                                                                                                Whole amt                          $728.00

Personally came before us, Charles Milton, a native Cherokee, & claimant of the above account, & states on oath That all of the foregoing property & claims set forth above were abandoned by him as above stated, & that he has never received any consideration for the same of the U. States or any person whomsoever, & the same is a just & true account

Sworn & subscribed to before us                              

This 1st day of April 1842                                                Charles his x mark Melton

D. Carter & J.D. Wofford

Special clerks for making out

Claims for Tahlequah District

Personally came before us, Archabald Campbell a native Cherokee & witness of the foregoing account deposeth & saith on oath, That he lived a near neighbor to the said Charles Melton in the Eastern nation, for several years previous to his Emigration to the west, & that he is knowing to the said Melton losing his property as above stated by himself

Sworn & subscribed to before us                              

This 1st April 1842                                             Archabald his x mark Campbell

D. Carter & J.D. Wofford

Special clerks for making out

Claims for Tahlequah District