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1838—The United States                              80 No                    To Anay way Kee

To property abandoned in the Eastern Nation, Turtle town near the Highwassee River State of Tennessee in the year 1838 by operation U.S Troops—came to this country in Elijah Hick’s Detachment, & now lives on the Barren Fork of Illinois, near Shos. Candy in Tahlequah District—To Wit—

                To 10 plates 2.50—[3] sets Teacups & saucers                                     $4.50

                “ 2 Large potts 10. 2 small Do. 2.                                                                12.00

                “ 1 Falling axe 3.—4 weeding hoes 4.                                                       7.00

                “ 1 plough 2.50—1 pair of gears 2.                                                            4.50

                “ 3 water pails 2. 1 washing Tub 1                                                             4.00

                “ 2 pillows 2.—20 chickens 3.50                                                                 5.00

                “ 1 sow & 4 pigs                                                                                                10.00

                “ 1 cow & calf 15.—1 first rate gilden(?)                                                 165.00


                                                                Whole amt                                                          $216.50

Personally came before us, A nay wa kee, a native Cherokee & disposeth & saith That she was compelled by the U.S Troops under command of Gen’l Scott to abandon the above named items of property in the Eastern Nation, and that she has never receive any consideration for the same of any person whatsoever & the prices the fixed upon the same she believed to be just & fair

Sworn & subscribed to before us                              

This 15th March 1842

D. Carter & Jas.D. Wofford                           A nay way kee  her x mark

Special Clerks for claims

Personally came before us Peter Ground hog & Rit to te his ry, native Cherokee & witnesses to the foregoing claim & depose & say on oath, That they were personally acquainted with the foregoing claimant in the Eastern nation & that they are well knowing to her having to leave or abandon the above named property as she has stated

Sworn & subscribed to before us                               Peter Ground hog his x mark

This 15th March 1842                                                       Rit to re tri  his x mark

D. Carter & Jas.D. Wofford           Clks