Tom Tilt (Heirs)

By wjeffbishop • • 26 Oct 2018

The Unites States

                To the Heirs of Tom Tilt deceased,

To property abandoned near old Dwight in the state of Arkansas in the year 1829, where removing from said county under Treaty of 1828 with the Western Cherokees—present residence of said Heirs, near Beattles Prairie Delaware District

                To 20 Head of Cattle 6 pr. Head                                                 $180.00

                “ 100 Do. Hogs 3 pr. Head                                                            300.00

                “ 30 Beaver Hides 6 pr. Hide                                                        180.00

                “ 70 Deer Do. .50 pr. Hide                                                             35.00



Personally came before us, Nu yawn hee, a native Cherokee & one of the Heirs to the above stated, & deposeth on oath that the above property was abandoned by her father at his residence at the place above named, near Dwight, when left he expected to return & get the property named but on his return the above property had been taken away he supposed by citizens of the U. States, as they were (illegible) of people living near there at the time & that he never got any of the property or any consideration for the same of the U. States or any other source

Sworn to & subscribed before us

This 1st day of April 1842

D. Carter & J.D Wofford                                Nu yawn hee  her x mark

Special Clerks for making out                    

Claims for Tahlequah District

Personally came before us, Big Bones, a native Cherokee & state on oath That he was acquainted with the said Tom Tilt he living near Dwight & while preparing to Remove to the new Cherokee Country & the abandonment of the above named property, as stated by heirs is true & furthermore, he never received any consideration therefor

Sworn to & subscribed before us                               Big his x mark Bones

This 1st day of April 1842