John Ahquahtake (Heirs)

By wjeffbishop • • 29 Nov 2018

The United States

To Ailsay Takatah for the Estate of John Aquah

For an improvement abandoned by bother John Ahquachtate des’d on waters near Mouse town Tennessee—

Consequence of being forced to remove and Emigrated in
James Brown Detachment in 1838 to wit—

1838 10 acres of land in cultivation $10                                  $100.00

Dwelling house $25–& 1 (illegible) $10                35.00

acres of growing corn                                               100.00



Statement of the Claimant examined on Oath states as

                I am a
Cherokee, and now reside about six or seven miles on Lus Creek from John
(illegible) I claim this improvement on the Estate of my brother John Ah quah
ta ke deceased-as he only heir- my brother came to this country also in the
same Detachment, and died in this country shortly after we came-I lived near my
brother in the old nation on the mouth of Mouse Creek—Tennessee-he improved
this improvement , cleared the land & built the houses after the valuing
agents had been round. They valued his old place he moved away & settled on
this near place and improved it, was never valued, was (illegible) there when
we were forced to move to this [coun]try

Sworn & subscribed to before me

10th March 1842. J M Payne

S. C on @ for Skin Bayon Dist.

Black Bird Testimony Examined on Oath states as follows:

lived about three miles from “ John Anquahta ke” he lived near the mouth of
Mouse Creek in Tennessee, he had about (illegible) acres of land cleared &
1 Dwelling house (illegible)—he cleared this land after the valuing Agents had been
round and valued the improvements-he had his old improvements valued but moved
away and settled on a new place—he left his place and came (illegible) as we
were requested to do so—there at the Agency—he had his field in corn when he
left it—we came in James Brown Detachment together to the country—he died the
summer after we came to this country—I do not think his place was ever valued

Sworn & subscribed to before me                            

10th March 1842                                                                Black
x bird

James M. Payne

Special clerk on claims for Skin Bayon Dist.