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The United States

                To Coo wee skoo wee, a native Cherokee, For property abandoned in the Eastern Nation, by being forced in to the same by U. States Troops in the year 1838—Emigrated in John Benge’s Detachment by land—Present residence, near Tahlequah in Tahlequah District—To Wit—

                To 11 acres in growing corn                                                         $55.00

                “ 60 Bushels old corn in the crib                                                 60.00

                “ 1 ox (very large) 27.—2 Head of horses & saddles           180.00

                “ 2 Bed quilts 20.—2 ploughs & gearing & clevises 15.      35.00

                “ 4 weeding hoes 4.—1 axe 2.–& sett knives & forks 3.    9.00

                “ 1 pr. spectacles & ease .50                                                        .50


                                                                                                Total amount $339.50

Personally came before us, Coo wee skoo wee, claimant of the above account & states on oath That all of the above property was abandoned by him in the Eastern Nation in the manner & at the time above stated (illegible) has never received anything for the same of the U. States, or any other source whatever—

Sworn to and subscribed before us         

D. Carter & J.D. Wofford                                               Coo wee skoo wee his x mark

Special Clerks for making out

Claims for Tahlequah District

Personally came before us, Arch Campbell and Nancy Cuunetoo, witnesses to the above account and state on oath That they were acquainted with the said Coo wee skoo wee in the Eastern nation & knew him to be in possession of the above property & believe the statement he has made concerning the same to be just & true

Sworn & subscribed to before us

This 7th April 1842                             Arch his x mark Campbell

D. Carter & J.D. Wofford              

Special clerks for making out       Nancy her x mark Cuunetoo

Claims for Tahlequah District