Lucinda Peggs

By wjeffbishop • • 29 Oct 2018

The united states To Lucinda Peggs a native Cherokee

Claimant for property abandoned in the
Eastern nation Resided at Salaquoah Cass County Georgia Emigrated to this
country in John Dills present Residence Tahlequah District near John Looneys

To 2 horses $190 . 1 cow & calf $15                                                          $205.00

                ‘’ 1 side saddle & bridle $25
. 2 bed stand $10                                     35.00

table $5 . 6 chairs $450 . 1 pot $2 . 1 large pot $750                     17.00

                ‘’ 1
wash tub $1 . Dishes knives & forks cups & saucers                    9.00

                ‘’ 1
spinning wheel 1 pr cotton cards $4 . 1 corn bed $10                 14.00

                ‘’ 8
yd coldes(?) $4 , 1 new bed quilt $5                                                   9.00



appeared before us Lucinda Peggs, a claimant from the above claim who after
being duly sworn on oath Deposeth and saith that she was arrested by the
soldiers of the United States and called into camps by the same and was not
permitted to retain and take care of her property and that she has never
received any compensation for the the above property left in way whatever

Sworn to and subscribed before us

D. Carter                                              Special Clerks for                                              Lucinda
her x mark Peggs

J.D. Wofford                                       collecting claims

Tahlequah District Cherokee Nation

April 5 1842

appeared before us Nancy and Kay Ha Rah Smith witnesses for the above claimant
and after being duly sworn Deposeth and saith that the were personally
acquainted with the above claimant and was knowing to the arrest of the afore
said and that the above account is just as stated and that she has never
received any consideration for the som to the best of their knowledge.

Sworn to and subscribed before us

D. Carter                                                                              Nancy
her x mark

J.D. Wofford                                                                       Kay
Ha Rah her x mark Smith

Of Tahlequah District Cherokee

Nation April 5th 1842

No. 7(2)

Lucinda Pegg’s Spoliation Claim