Rody Laugh at Mush

By wjeffbishop • • 28 Nov 2018

The United States To Rody Laugh at mush native Cherokee of
the Eastern Nation for property Abandoned or left by Emigration in the year of
1838 at Santie near Samuel Gunter on or near the Tennessee River, Emigrated to
this country in John Benges Detachment and now resides on the Sparinaw Creek
Delaware District Cherokee Nation

1819       To 40 head
of hogs average $4.00 pr                                        $160.00

                “ 60
d0—do at 4.00 pr.                                                                  240.00

                “ 1
horse at $150.00—also 1 mare $170.00                            320.00

                “ 1
mans saddle $25.00—2 cows & calves 
$10                     45.00

                “ 1
horse forcibly taken by at citizen of the united–&

 kept in Labour 6 months for which she makes a

$10 pr. month                                                                                   $60.00

To 2 horses
taken or stolen $80.00—1 at $40.00                 120.00

15 acres cleared
land in cultivation $12 pr.                            180.00

30 Peach Trees
$1 pr.     $30.00                                                   30.00


Amount                                    $1155.00

Personally came before us—Archibald Campbell & laugh at
mush and after being duely sworn deposeth and saith that they were well
acquainted with Mink and that he left the above named improvements under the
Treaty of 1819–& the property mostly consisting of horses and hogs was
stolen or forcibly taken by citizens of the United States at various times from
and after the treaty afores’d under which he the Mink removed from Marshal county
Alabama—where the improvements were situated 

Sworn & subscribed to before us                              

J.D. Wofford       Special
clks for                                                   Archibald
Campbell his x mark

David Carter       collecting
claims                                               Laugh
at mush his x mark

Tahlequah District Cherokee Nation

April 13th 1842

1835 Cherokee Census, pg. 67/270