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Benge Detachment

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John Benge, Conductor George Lowery, assistant Departed September 28, 1838 from 8 miles south of [&hellip

Situwakee Detachment

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Situwakee, Conductor Peter Jones, assistant Evan Jones, assistant Departed September 7, 1838 from Savannah Branch. [&hellip

Daniel Detachment

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Moses Daniel, Conductor George Still, assistant Departed September 30, 1838 from the Agency area. Arrived [&hellip

Brown Detachment

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James Brown, Conductor Lewis Hildebrand, assistant Departed September 10, 1838 from Vann’s Plantation, Ooltewah Creek [&hellip

G. Hicks Detachment

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George Hicks, Conductor Collins McDonald, assistant Departed September 7, 1838 from Mouse Creek, Tennessee Arrived [&hellip

Taylor Detachment

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Richard Taylor, Conductor Red Watt Adair, assistant Departed September 20, 1838 near Vann’s plantation, Ooltewah [&hellip

Drew Detachment

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John Drew, Conductor John Golden Ross, assistant Departed December 5, 1838 from the Agency area, [&hellip

Old Field Detachment

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Old Field, Conductor Stephen Foreman, assistant Departed September 24, 1838 from Candy’s Creek, Tennessee Arrived [&hellip

Bell Detachment

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John Bell, Conductor William Boling, assistant Departed October 11, 1838 from the Agency area, Hiwassee [&hellip

Bushyhead Detachment

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Jesse Bushyhead, Conductor Roman Nose, assistant Departed September 3, 1838 from Chatata Creek Arrived February [&hellip

Conrad Detachment

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Hair Conrad, Conductor Daniel Colston, assistant (replaced Conrad soon after departure) Departed August 23, 1838 [&hellip

Drane Detachment

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Captain Gus Drane, Conductor Daniel R. Coody, assistant Departed June 17, 1838 from Ross’s Landing [&hellip

Whiteley Detachment

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Captain R. H. K. Whiteley, Conductor Col. John Hooks, assistant Departed June 12, 1838 from [&hellip

Deas Detachment

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Lt. Edward Deas, Conductor David Walker, assistant Departed June 6, 1838 from Ross’s Landing Arrived [&hellip