Ezekiel Harnage

By wjeffbishop • • 2 Nov 2018

The United States  To Ezekiel Harnage(?) intend by Jacob Harnage for the (illegible) improvements abandoned on the Cherokee Nation East at a place called Frog Town bordering on the then boundary (illegible) the United States and the Cherokee Nation within the (illegible) of Georgia, abandoned soon after the laws of Georgia was extended that portion of the Cherokee country by (illegible) named improvement namely:

1 field of 15 acres of (illegible) bottom land (illegible) one field of

8 acres at $10 pr. acre                                                                                                    $230.00

2 round log cabbins 14 by 16 feet—30 $1 corn crib $5-00                               $35.00



Personally came before us Jacob Harnage and after being duly sworn saith that the above claim is just and true to the best of his knowledge, that no compensation has been made for the above from any person whatsoever

Sworn to & subscribed before us

J.D. Wofford

David Carter                       clerks                                                    Jacob Harnage

Personally came before me James D. Wofford and after being duly sworn saith that he was well acquainted in the neighborhood above named situated on the (illegible) of the Chestatee & High Tower of a farm consisting of two round log cabbins one corn crib, twenty three acres of (illegible) land, which was made some time Early in the year 1820- & believe it to have been abandoned and for reasons above stated

Sworn to & subscribed before me                                                             James D. Wofford

David Carter

Tahlequah Dis. 17th March 1842