Tuttagi (Heirs)

By wjeffbishop • • 29 Nov 2018

The United States   
No.92            To Catherine Brewster
Heir only of Tut ta gi

property abandoned in the Eastern nation Highwassee River, near John
Hildebrand’s Dr. State of Tennessee—came to this country in Jas. Brown’s
Detachment by land & now lives near Tahlequah at Charles Roots in Tahlequah
District—To Wit—

1838—To 1 yoke of oxen                                                              $60.00

                “ 1
Large Kettle 5,, 1 pair pott hooks 50,,                                5.00

                “ 1
Large Bowl 75—1 sugar Bowl ,,50                       1.25

                “ 1
sett plates ,,50—2 water pails 2,,                        2.50

                “ 2
Barrels of dry Beans 5,,                                           5.00

                “ 1
Lot of silk-worms 4,, pr. year                                16.00

                “ 6
Chicken 1.50                                                                1.50


amt.                         $91.75

Catherine Brewster a native Cherokee personally came before
us & deposeth & saith on oath That she is the only (illegible) heir to
the said Tut ta gi deceased being the only child living & considers herself
justly entitled to the abandoned claim as such –to which she has addered
Testimony below

 Sworn &
subscribed to before us

15th March 1842                       Catherine
her x mark Brewster

Carter & Jas.D. Wofford                          

Special clerks for making out claims

Personally came before us Hunter & Wo ge ga je sko,
native Cherokees & depose & say on oath That they were personally
acquainted with the said Tut ta gu as named above & they are knowing to her
having to abandon the property named above in the year 1838 in consequence of
the operation of the U.S. Troops–& that the said Catherine Brewster is the
only just & lawful heir to said Estate being acquainted with the family in
the East & with those (illegible) surviving in this country

Sworn & subscribed to before us

15th March 1842                                                       Hunter
his x mark

Carter & Jas.D. Wofford           clks                         Wo ge ga ke ske his x