Nancy Goingsnake

By wjeffbishop • • 6 Dec 2018

The United States

To Nancy Going Snakes a native Cherokee- to property
abandoned in the Eastern Nation on the waters of Candy Creek Bradley county
Tennessee A.D. 1838—Came to this country in Daniel (illegible) detachment &
now resides in Barrow (illegible) Tahlequah District C.N (illegible)


‘’ 1 Improvement of 30 acres (illegible) value claimed in
corn                        $400.50

‘’ 4 apple trees – 8—2 peach (trees) -2—30 Bushels corn                                 40.00

‘‘ 1/2 acre sweet potatoes-50 –1 Badslead(?)-3-                                                 53.00

‘’ 8 chickens-1–1 spinning wheel-3—1 Table-3-                                                  7.00

‘’ 1 large looking glass-2—3 chairs-3—2 pails-2-                                                  7.00

‘’ 3 axes-5- 3 shovels ploughs-2.25—1 pair traces-1                                           8.25

‘’ 3 pots – 7-1 pair pot hooks-.50                                                                                7.50

‘’ 1 cow & calf-15—1 cow-10—2 heifers-10-                                                         35.00

‘’ 10 sock hogs-30—1 horse-50—2 large jars-2                                                     82.00

‘’ 6 plates-.75-                                                                                                                   .75


Whole account-                                                                $641.00

Personally came before us Caty Deer in Water a native
Cherokee, & claimant of the foregoing account, & states an oath That
the above is a just & true account of the property abandoned by her
grandmother Nancy Going Snake in the Eastern Nation, & that to the best of
her knowledge & belief the above property has never been paid for by the U.
States or any other person.

Sworn & subscribed to before us.

This 30th March 1842

D. Carter & J.D Wofford                                                                Caty
Deer in  her x mark Water

Special Clerks for making out

Claims for Tahlequah District

Personally came before us, Oo ta yah, a native Cherokee,
& witness to the above account & states on oath, That she was
acquainted with the said Nancy Going Snake in the Eastern Nation, & that
she believes the above account to be just & true in as much as none of them
had an opportunity of disposing of such property, being forced to remove to the
west by military power—and she further states that the said Nancy Going Snake
is a this time sick & not able to attend at Tahlequah to affirm to her
claims as above set forth—

Sworn & subscribed to before us

This 30th March 1842                                                                       Oo
ta yah   her x mark

D. Carter & J.D. Wofford

Special Clerks for making out

Claims for Tahlequah District