James Hendrix

By wjeffbishop • • 29 Oct 2018

The United States

To James Hendrix, Senior, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation by marriage resided on the “Long Swamp” Cherokee County, Georgia Removed himself to the Country by water in 1836- now resides in Tahlequah District about five miles west of the town of Tahlequah Cherokee Nation

caused by removal

1836       To 1 frok
& finnist (?) $950 – 1 Grey horse, 6 years old $100 ——-             $ 1050.00

                ‘’ 1
sonel(?) mare 5 years old $50- 1 brown horse 6 or 7 years old—          $100.00

                ‘’ 1-2
yo old calf $50 – 20 head of sheep @ $2 – $40—–                                   90.00

                ‘’ 60
head of hogs $3 – $180 – 10 milch(?) cows @ 10 —–                             280.00

                ‘’ $50
in cash, taken from him falsely by white men citizens of the United

                ‘’ 1
black colt 2 years old ——–                                                                                 50,00


came before us, James Hendrix, Sr., a white man, citizen of the Cherokee Nation
by marriage, & claimant of the foregoing account, who deposeth & saith
in oath that all of the above named property was abandoned by him in the
Eastern Nation in the year 1836 and he neither sold or disposed of it to any
person whoever & that he has never received any consideration for the same.

Sworn & subscribed to before us,

this 23rd March, 1842

D. Carter

J.D. Wofford                       special
clerks for                                               James
his x mark Hendrix, senr.


Tahlequah District

came before us, Millis Hendrix, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation by marriage
& witness to the foregoing claim, deposeth & saith on oath, that he was
personally acquainted (with) the said James Hendrix, senior, in the Eastern
Nation & also acquainted with his property & that he owned the same
property, until abandonment in the Eastern Nation as he, the claimant, has
stated and he does not know of his selling or disposing of the same in any
manner whatever

Sworn & subscribed to before us

this 23rd March, 1842

D. Carter                              special
clks for                                   Millis
his x mark Hendrix (illegible)

J.D. Wofford                       collecting

the Tahlequah District