By wjeffbishop • • 6 Dec 2018

The United States To Go dah hey we of the Cherokee Nation
West on the Arkansas River on a creek called the Derdinelle(?). Present
residence on the waters of Salisaw, Illinois District Cherokee Nation

claim under the Treaty of 1838β€”

1838       To 1 hewed
log house floor & chimney – shed before the

& floor 16 feet by 18                                                                             $65.00

cabbin 12 foot square round logs-                                                         1(8).00

kitchen 8 feet by 10-                                                                                    10.00

                1 corn
crib 5 by 12 feet                                                                                 10.00

                1 corn
house 8 by 10 feet                                                                             10.00

                1 loom
$5.00 – 2 tables $10.00                                                                   15.00

field of 20 acres under good fence                                                        200.00

                1 corn
(illegible) of about ΒΌ of acre                                                           10.00

bearing apple Trees, 27 peach trees                                                  33.50

cupboard $5.00                                                                                              5.00

                1 Bay
horse stolen by citizens of the United States

the time of their removal                 $70.00                                   70.00

                1 sorel(?)
horse which run back and taken up

                by the
citizens thereof which she could recover worth $80.00       $80.00

                5 cows
and calves forcibly taken from her $75.00-                              75.00

                4 cows
& calves run back so that she never got them                      $60.00

head of Hogs @ $108.00                                                                          108.00

Dollars stolen from her about the time of her removal

some persons citizens of the state of Arkansas                             16.00



Personally came before us Go-dah-gey-we
and after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that the aforegoing statement of
claim is just & true to the best of her knowledge, that no compensation has
ever been made to her for the same

Sworn to & subscribed before us

David Carter       Special
Clks                                                                         Go-dah-gey-we  her x mark

J.D. Wofford       for
collecting Cherokee


Tahlequah District Cherokee Nation March 23rd

came before Ko lah cha quah or big bones and after being duly sworn desposeth
and saith that he lived near to Go da gey we & know to her having horses
and other property stolen and also knowing her to have such improvements, which
she abandoned under the treaty of 1828 solution the United States and the
Cherokee & believe the claim to be just

Sworn to & subscribed before us

David Carter                       Special
clks for                                                   Kolahchaquah  his x mark

J.D. Wofford                       collecting
Cherokee claims

Tahlequah District Cherokee Nation March 23rd