Harry Hughes

By wjeffbishop • • 3 May 2013

The United States      No. 7

To Harry Hughes

For 3 head of horses — one @ 75 ea. two @ 45 each   165.00

” 2 cows and calves @ 12 ea.                                     24.00

” 2 Cabins                                                             150.00

” 13 acres cleared land                                            130.00

” 20 Bearing Peach trees                                            20.00

” 1 Cabin & crib                                                          1.10

” 1 Rifle gun taken by the soldiers                                 30.00

” 8 acres cleared land                                                 80.70

The claimant in this case states (on oath) that he had two places, the one containing 13 acres cleared land lay on the Hightower River, and the other on Pine Log, neither of which was ever valued to his knowledge, and that he was forced away from home and forced to come to this country in Bells detachment & now lives on Spring Creek.

The horses charged in this account he supposes were stolen as he lost them out of their common range, and was never able to hear from them. The cows & calves went in the same way. The rifle was taken by the soldiers.

Sworn to and submitted before me 7th March 1842 J. Mulkey clk

Harry (x) Hughes

his mark


No. 7

Johnson Hughes states (on oath) that he lived a near neighbor to Harry Hughes, that he knew of his having the stock pointed out in the account, and that he lost it in the range and never received any benefit from it, and that he was forced to remove without having his places valued.

Johnson (x) Hughes

his mark

Sworn to and submitted before me 7th March 1842 J. Mulkey clk

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