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No. 16

The United States

Chu loo ke

For 3 dwelling houses @ $100  300

” 3 Cribs ” 15  30

” 1 stable 10

” 125 acres cleared land  1200

” 1 loom  3

” 85 bearing Peach Trees  85

” 5 apple do  12       1700

The claimant in this case states on oath that he came to this country in 1829 and that he left his mother & sister on the place described above and that he never returned to that country, and that it was never valued, that he understood from his mother & sister that the whites dispossessed them after the Georgia laws were extended over them by which they lost their loom, and on inquiry at Fort Gibson found no account of any valuations of it on the books —

Sworn before me and subscribed Mar 10th 1842

J. Mulkey, Clk

Chu (x) loo ke

his mark


No. 16

The witnesses in this case Daniel and Nancy Pumpkinpile both declare on oath that they lived on the place described in in the above account on Cedar Creek, and came to this country one by water and the other (Nancy) with Stephen Foreman. That they were forced to give possession of the place to the whites, and never knew of its being valued at any time and had inquired twice at Fort Gibson and found no account of it.

Sworn to & subscribed before me 10th March 1842

J. Mulkey Clk

Nancy (x) Pumpkinpile

her mark

Daniel (x) Pumpkinpile

his mark

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