By wjeffbishop • • 5 Dec 2018

The United States To Tay kah huttah native Cherokee of the
Cherokee Nation East of dogwood flat, Chicamauga District-Emigrated to this
George Hicks Detachment present residence Tahlequah District (illegible) Nation

claim, by the operation of the Troops of the U.S commanded by Gen’l Scott

1838 To Labour done for a citizen of the U.S two months
& two weeks for which

he was not paid, not has he since rec’d any compensation @
$10 pr. month          $25.00

Dinner pots $4.00 Each $8 3 weeding hoes $3                                                  11.00

1837       6 weeks imprisonment
on a charge of an assault made on the person of

a citizen of the U.S. which after six weeks imprisonment he
was set at liberty

without trial or hearing, the charge being entirely false
for which loss of time &

abuses inflicted upon his person without cause he charges                                            $400.00

Personally came before us Tay kah huttah and after being
duely sworn saith that he was taken & confined in Walker County Gaol for no
offence on his part in the State of Georgia—further state that the above claim
is just & true

Sworn & subscribed to before us                               Tay kah huttah his x mark

J.D. Wofford       Special
clerks to

D. Carter              collect
Cherokee claims

Tahlequah District Cherokee Nation

March 21—1842 

Personally came before us Wild Cat and after being duely
sworn desposeth & saith that he was present when the white persons came to
arrest the person of Tay kah huttah on a false charge of having abused or for
assaulting a citizen of the U. States & at the time of his arrest was much
beaten so that his face was greatly swollen and then confined in Walker County
Gaol  for no offence that I ever heard of
during the winter & spring of 1837—six weeks—afterward set at liberty
without any trial

Sworn to & subscribed before us

J.D. Wofford       Special
Clks to collect

D. Carter              Cherokee
claims                               Wild
Cat his x mark

Tahlequah Dis. C. Nation

March 21st 1842