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The United States

To Sti chy, a native Cherokee

For property abandoned in the Eastern Nation, on the waters of Chatooga River, near the residence of D. Vann. Emigrated to this Country in 1838 in Old Fields’ Detachment. Present residence on Spring Creek, in Saline District.

For Cash left in his house $400

” 1 Trunk $4.50  1 Saddle $25  29.50

” 4 Horses $320  1 coal $12  332.

” 1 pr Saddle Bags   5.

” 20 acres cleared land @ $10  200. — $966.50

The claimant states on oath that he lost this cash and every article charged in this account by being forcibly removed from home by the military, and that no chance has ever been afforded him of getting any thing for it.

Sworn & subscribed

19th Apr 1842

J. Mulkey clk

Sti (x) Chy

his mark


The witness in this case states on oath that he was personally knowing to the arrest of the claimant by the military, and that he lost all that is charged in this account by that count.

Sworn to & subscribed

Apr 19 1842

J. Mulkey clk

Wild (x) Cat

his mark

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