Jacob Harnage

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Chero. Country, Ga

The United States  To Jacob Harnage (formerly of Sho(a)l creek

1823—To (illegible) stolen by white men citizens of the US

by the name of Holcum—never got–                                                      $100.00

1828 To 1 Beaureau(?) 25$–1 Table 6$                                                                   31.00

at or near Van Buren in the                                 ___________________

of Arkansas in his way to this country                                          $131.00

1838 To property abandoned by a Mrs. Jane Harnage

of Jacob Harnage above, who has the

                care of
her—formerly of the same place East

                To 15
Heads of hogs                                                                                        45.00

                ‘’ 20
head stock cattle                                                                                    100.00

(illegible)                                                                                                             _________________





Personally came before us, Jacob Harnage, a native
Cherokee, & deposeth & saith on oath that the property named above, was
abandoned at the time, places, & manner attached there to & the account
made out are just & true—-Jacob Harnage

Sworn & subscribed to before us

This 17th March 1842

D. Carter & J.D Wofford    Clks

Personally came before us (illegible) Ragsdale, a witness
to the above (illegible) deposeth and saith on oath, That he is knowing to the
said Holcum a citizen of the U.S taking off a certain (illegible) named above
& belonging to the said Harnage about the year 1823—which the said Harnage
never got, or any consideration therefore whatever

Sworn & subscribed to before us

This 17th March 1841                                                       Bengo(?)

D.C. & J.D.W

Personally came before us Wm. Downing & Dolly
(illegible) depose & say on oath That they were acquainted with the said
Jacob Harnage & his mother, named above & that they abandoned the above
named property as then stated & to their knowledge, they have never
(received) anything for said abandoned property

Sworn & subscribed to before us                                               Wm. His x mark Downing

This 17th day of March 1842                                                         Dolly
her x mark (illegible)

D.C & J.D.W

James Starr testifies to the claim of Jacob Harnage as

                I came
to the Cherokee Nation West company on the same boat with Mr. Harnage in
1829-30 and left the Boat together at Van Buren Arkansas where the claimant
left the Beaureau & Table in charge of Mr. Phillips. That place was called
Phillip’s landing and we settled near neighbors together in the nation. I do
not know of the claimant sending for them, but heard the claimant short time afterward
say that he had sent for them, but did not get them, and I have never seen them
about his house

March 15th 184(5)

James M(illegible)                            James
Starr Jr

The character of the witness has been established as good


Jacob Harnage


Claim No. 115

See 1835 Census Pg. 161/270.

See Cherokee Phoenix: HARNAGE.